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Leichhardt House 1

“My wife and I chose Andrew to design our new house in Leichhardt in 2007 and we couldn’t be happier with that decision.

Despite our relatively small block of land and some restrictive Council rules, Andrew was able to design a modern, spacious home that can be easily adapted over time to meet our changing life requirements.

Andrew has an incredible ability to visualise the spaces he is designing, which results in rooms that are well lit, visually appealing and comfortable. By making smart choices regarding materials and construction methods, Andrew was able to keep costs down whilst maintaining the contemporary feel that we were looking for, as well as meeting the strict environmental regulations that some Councils now enforce.

Based on our experience, I would highly recommend Andrew for both the design and construction phases of any residential building project, from minor renovations to new dwellings.”

James & Paola Gordon

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Architect Testimonials, Davies St, Leichhardt

Leichhardt House 3

“We engaged Andrew hoping he could provide an “X” factor for our renovation project.

He certainly gave us that with his design concepts of style, light and space while at the same time respecting the character of the original Victorian terrace.

We thank him for his persistence and professionalism as he navigated through difficult dealings with Council with respect to neighbour’s objections and planning restrictions.

During construction he was on hand to offer advice on concept and style finish that was invaluable in achieving a very happy outcome for us.

We certainly recommend Andrew as a helpful and engaging architect who can deliver a stylish and sympathetic project.”

Michael and Margaret Sams

Renovation Architect Testimonials, Leichardt

Dulwich Hill House 1

“Maggie and I chose Andrew to design our renovation in 2016 and we were  very pleased with everything that followed. Our house is an older Federation house in Dulwich Hill and presented a challenge from a design point of view. We required two additional bedrooms, a rumpus room and an extra bathroom. We had the additional concern of what the council would permit in this area. 

Andrew was able to visualize the space and come up with a design that gave us all the space we required and satisfied the council’s concerns about the visual impact of the project. In addition to the upstairs extension Andrew suggested an en-suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe that he incorporated into the space required for the stairway to the second storey. This has proved to be one of the most satisfying aspects of the whole project. At Andrew’s suggestion we were able to retain many of the original heritage features within the area of the renovation, that added to the visual appeal of the whole project. 

Andrew was able to design the renovation that satisfied our budget but still have many quality fixtures and features. We retained Andrew throughout the design and building phase and were very pleased we did. 

We would recommend Andrew to anyone contemplating a similar renovation as  we had a really hassle-free and rewarding experience. “

Mark Lovell & Maggie Barry

Cremorne Duplex 1

“We are…moved to write to you to express the almost daily delight we get from increasingly appreciating the sheer cleverness of your design of our new home. It sometime stakes quite a while and different seasons to fully appreciate the skills of the architect. The various thoughtful nuances you included have made this an absolutely delightful home to live in. The various “windows” on to many different aspects has to be lived to be fully appreciated. So, this is really to just say thanks directly to you.

We look forward to being able to share some time together at our home with you… in the meantime we wish you every success. Warmest wishes.”

Sue & Jeff

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