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Heritage Conservation Presentation (dated 26 November 2022)

Our company principal delivered a talk, including tips and tricks, when dealing with heritage development.

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Industry Expert Panel: Q & A (dated 27 August 2022)

Highlights from recent Q&A even where our company principal, Andrew Hebden presented. 

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Behind the listing: A heritage Summer Hill Federation house that has neighbours stopping in the street (Article in Domain dated 04 August 2022)

At a street party Madeleine and Shaun Titmarsh hosted on their wide nature strip one Christmas, two unidentified visitors…

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"The light-soaked Cremorne Duplex | Hebden Architects" (Article in Architecture & Design dated 25 Feb 2022 )

Hebden Architects was approached by a pair of ‘Mum and Dad’ investors who had acquired the site to build a home for the couple, and an additional home to rent or sell.

Looking to downsize and capitalise on the state of the property market, the couple purchased the 552sqm corner block site in the hope of being able to house both themselves and another family…

Double dwelling delight at Annandale House 1 (Featured in Architecture & Design Bulletin dated 01 July 2021)

Inner city blocks come with a fair amount of tribulation for those tasked with remodelling existing abodes. It essentially comes down to how an architect mediates and mitigates these issues, and looks beyond the restrictive nature of building regulations to craft something of the utmost quality…

"Meet a Designer: Andrew Hebden – Hebden Architects" (Article in The Big Smoke Media dated 22 April 2021 )

We sat down with Andrew Hebden, the creative force behind Hebden Architects to talk about design, collaboration, and the emerging trends you should watch out for…

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"Cremorne Duplex in Australia by Hebden Architects" (Article in AECCafe dated 25 Nov 2019 )

This duplex was completed in July 2019 but, the story started when we were approached by a couple of “Mum and dad” investors who had acquired the site to build a home for themselves…

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