Dulwich House 2

One of a pair of terrace houses built around 1880-90’s, the original rendered walls had been stripped of their original rendered surface exposing the sandstock bricks, with some of the ornate cement mouldings having been retained. As with all these types of dwellings the interiors suffered from a lack of light, ventilation and connection to the rear private open space. The owners needed more space to start a family and wanted to open up the rear and connect to the back yard to entertain. They wanted to use recycled bricks and the sandstock finish has been extended into the new addition. This houses a new kitchen/laundry/Family area and with full height and width glass sliding doors and brick piers adjacent embrace the back yard and extend the interior. The piers are a dynamic architectural feature that combine modern architecture with the original Victorian character. The provide some screening from overlooking and the sun, assisted with “low-E” performance glass. Steel columns allowed the new spaces to be high and open and embrace the backyard on the ground and views to the adjacent sports field on the upper level. It will provide a spacious yet, compact home for a young family to grow and stay happily long-term.

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